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Building Regulations

Building regulations, ultimately, are a complicated business that require expert attention, which is why you’ll require the aid of Canopy Planning Services Ltd.

Irrespective of what your property development entails, it is likely that regulatory legislation will come into play. Your project will need to be compliant with the building standards of the Building Regulations Act, ensuring that your property is both structurally sound and meets fire safety standards, among others. Canopy Planning Services Ltd are well versed in all forms of regulations, and we are ready and eager to help you with your project today.


Building Regulations

Our friendly specialist team will be on hand to help you identify any limitations your project may face. We’ll then strive to create comprehensive plans that meet even the most stringent regulatory guidelines. Moreover, we’ll personally submit building regulations applications for your complete convenience before working attentively on your project. From conception to completion, we’ll be there to ensure that your dream property renovation becomes a reality.

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